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  1. That sounds like a blast! I have only done progressive dinners at homes – we used to do them all the time in the neighborhood I grew up in. I love the idea of doing a restaurant, though!

  2. I feel like every time I go to Philly I go to the same few places. Everything looks so yummy, and this looks like such a fun night! I’ve been to Max Brenner’s in Manhattan and it really is heaven.

  3. Oh good God that dessert pizza looks fantastic

  4. Sorry to hear La Castagne was a bust! I told you my aunt hadn’t been in a while…maybe I’ll tell her not to go anytime soon 🙁 Bummer.

  5. What a FUN idea!!! First off, I think it is so cool that ya’ll run together! I’m trying to get Josh to go on a run with me 🙂 And the progressive dinner at restaurants is very neat! The desserts (especially the one with the bananas) look amazing!Thank you for sharing

  6. As the “friend with the stylish hat” I can attest to the incredible-ness of this experience. Made all the more fun that we did it in Snowmageddon, and discovered some cool new places. Don’t beat yourself up for the entree, Sabrina. We walked away with awesome memories; can’t ask for more than that.

    Can’t wait to do it again!

  7. Sorry about your bad experience at the one restaurant but, everything looked delicious! I gotta get to MAX BRENNER!!!!

  8. Erika

    I love Max Brenner! His name plastered everywhere was a bit disturbing and a little too “brandy” for me, but the food was delish. Go for brunch one day! Even the non chocolatey items were tasty!

  9. Looks like you all had an amazing time!! Everything looked delicious…the desserts especially!

  10. I just gained 10 lbs reading the part about Max Brenner. It was worth it, though. 😀

  11. such a great idea! looks like you had good eats & company.

  12. I’ve never done that. Looks like so much fun!!! You, PB, and your friends are all GORGEOUS!!

    “The mac and cheese was so good the camera had it for lunch!” LOL!

  13. What a fantastic date night!
    You’re very lucky to have such fantastic friends!

  14. I Love this!! I’ve wanted to do this type of dinner for a long time!! Definitely better with a group I can see…esp when you want to try everything! Looks like such a fun night and I must find a Max Brenner!!

  15. What a COOL idea!!!! I love it!! And it looks like you found some amazing meals too 🙂

  16. What a fun idea! PhillyGuy and I go out to eat ALL. THE. TIME and I feel like we never get to try half of the places on our list. This would be such a great way to do it! And crazy about Le Castagne — I used to live on Chestnut Street and we passed that place all the time, constantly saying “next time we go out, we NEED to try this place.” Um, guess not…haha!

  17. HolyCOW! Those desserts!

  18. Holy YUUUM!
    I can´t belive you guys had such a cool experience.
    Must have been HEAVENLY!
    Have a great day, Sabrina!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  19. What a cool idea! I’ve never heard of a progressive dinner, but I would love to try it sometime 🙂 Glad you had fun!

  20. Looks like such a wonderful evening, what a great idea.

  21. kirsten

    This is a great idea!!

  22. Raz

    Love all the pics!

  23. I love the idea of progressive dinners. We tried to do it once with two other couples, but they stood us up so we went at it alone. I think it would’ve been more fun with other people. I can tell from your pictures alone that it is 🙂

  24. I would die of happiness at Max Brenner. Just die.

    Also- I think it is exceptionally rude what that waiter replied to your very appropriate question. That’s a WTF moment!!

  25. ummm…. lets just say I want to eat everywhere you guys just went.

    I love group dates and its even better when the people your with love food just as much as you do!

    Really your food looks awesome. It looks like you had a really great time.

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