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  1. Erika

    WOW! Love the video! Good job!

  2. Great video!
    Thanks for sharing, Sabrina!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  3. Great video Sabrina! I think you’ve inspired me to give artichokes a try.

  4. i’m not sure if you could be any cuter 🙂 also, you just made that look super easy! i might have the guts to actually attempt it now 🙂

  5. Super cute video! I’m always afraid of artichokes, but you definitely make it look super easy!

    Also – love the video editing! What program did PB use??

  6. Great video! I love the intro too. Both Josh and I love artichokes. They are really looking good in stores right now too

  7. so do i stick them in boiling water next? sorry, i am kitchen stupid sometimes. how long do i cook them for???

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @caitlin, OK, so once they are ready to go, you put some olive oil at the bottom of the pot, add the artichokes in one layer, and pour 1-2 cups of water or so over them. The water should come up about 1/4 up the way of the artichokes. Cover the pot and put it on high heat. When it reaches a boil keep the cover on and boil for 45 minutes until they are soft. If you use a pressure cooker reduce that time to only 15 minutes. If 45 minutes in a regular pot isn’t enough or if the water evaporates just add some more water and leave the pot on until they are soft. Did that make better sense?

  8. So professional! love it!
    Horror date: one guy ordered artichoke because his date did and he wanted to impress her… he didn’t know you don’t eat the leaves…

    humor at its finest right? hope it made you smile

  9. haha you are so cute. love how there’s club music playing during the video 😉 thanks for demystifying artichokes for us!!

  10. Stacy

    Super cute! Sabrina I noticed you are soaking the artichokes in water and lemon juice I think you said. How long do you let them soak? I have never soaked mine before so I’m curious.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Stacy, Hi! I only put them in the water/lemon juice while I prepare the rest of them so that they don’t turn color. So only a few minutes?

  11. Wow great posts! I have never tried an actual artichoke myself but I love them, thanks!

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