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  1. YUM! mama pea rocks my face off with her vegan recipes…these definitely sound like a must-try!

  2. Yum, they look awesome. Her recipes are so great, I can’t wait for her cookbook to come out!

  3. Mama pea has SO many good recipes! The muffins look like they turned out perfect. Who doesn’t love a good topping, they can really make a muffin

  4. I have muffin issues, too! One never seems to do the trick! Especially, delicious ones like these 🙂

    Just a side note, Sabrina… I signed up for the Philly Marathon. I’m doing the half. I think. I hope 😉 Anyway, I’ll be stalking you soon for some pointers! It’s my first and I am…well…thinking I be crazy 🙂

  5. I’m having muffin envy. (That sounds so wrong)

    Yours look beautiful! You did the recipe more than justice with your modifications! Thank you 🙂

  6. Oh my these are yum!

  7. Melissa Cari

    Wow Sabrina it looks delicious! I have the same problem when making muffins (or really, any baked good 🙂 ). I taste a little of the batter, eat one hot out the oven, another once they’re cooled off, and then of course I have to try one toasted… by the time I’m finished “testing” them, my batch of 12 is suddenly 6. I can only make them when I have people to serve!

  8. Thanks for sending me over to Mama Peas! I can’t wait to try those muffins for a crowd this summer…then tell them they are Vegan. 🙂

  9. Mmmm..mmm… those look tasty!!

  10. I do the same thing with muffins! I can’t stop myself and I think of them as more of a “snack” which gives me a reason to eat more! Plus, they start to taste less good as time goes by, so I always use that as a reason to finish them up quick. These muffins look amazing!!

  11. Must make those muffins NOW. They look awesome!

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