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  1. I never had a peanut butter sandwich until law school. We just didn’t eat peanut butter sandwiches when I was little. We always had deli meat.

  2. hahah that is so funny! there is honestly nothing better than a good pb&j on soft whole wheat bread! happy you’ve joined the club, girl!

  3. I grew up on PB&J or PB&B (peanut butter and banana). But the jelly my mom got me hooked on as a kid – apple jelly. Makes me miss home.
    But I’d say the most recent thing I’ve tried and LOVED would be brussel sprouts. I had them for the first time a year and half ago (or so) and I am obsessed with them!!!

  4. I remember being in college, and my roommate having Nutella – no one even knew what it was then. So good! Pb and jam on toast is my favorite way!

  5. Mmm… Nutella! I didn’t have that until I was in my 20s! So I’m jealous that you grew up with it, lol.

    Growing up in an Italian household, I didn’t have avocado or a lot of other ethnic foods and flavors until I was an adult. Now, I like to try everything and anything. 🙂 If I could only get my husband’s palate to be more adventurous… lol


  6. LOVEEEE peanut butter. And it made me want PB and Banana with a little honey on whole wheat bread, badly when i read this :)- but i thought I’d make a personal peanut butter suggestion… (if you haven’t already discovered it)… The Whole Foods Honey Roasted Peanut Butter (that you crush yourself) has the be the BESTTTTTTT peanut butter EVER! I mix a little of the almond butter in it too, so it’s not as sweet 🙂 You should definitely try it!!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Laura, When I lived in Rhode Island that is all I ate!!!! Our Whole Foods here doesn’t have it though- they only have the super plain one yuck! So now I am addicted to the Skippy Natural. It is horrible I know, but I am addicted and can’t stop!

  7. Tricia Kuchler

    Alfredo sauce! I always stayed away from it because I knew how unhealthy it was. Now, I like it but I rarely have it. Hmm what else? Probably Mexican food. We rarely had it as kids (actually probably not until we were in our teen years), but I make it and eat it often now!

  8. How could people not know what Nutella is in Rhode Island?!? That’s insane! It’s an Italian staple, isn’t it? Since you’re a fellow New Englander, have you ever tried peanut butter and fluff? It’s, by far, the most amazing thing. I’m talking real fluff, not “marshmallow creme”! As far as foods I was introduced to as an adult: brown rice (we were a potato family), cauliflower and brussel sprouts, all of which I love now!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Lindsay @ The Ketchup Diaries, I have never had fluff before… except in a Rice Krispies treat! Don’t judge!!!

      I don’t know how old you are but when I was a kid Nutella was pretty much unheard of… my Nonna would bring it for us from Italy! Now I think everyone knows about it though. 🙂

  9. Yum! I still love PB&J. There’s a reason it’s a classic. 😉 There are some random things I’ve never eaten but it’s mostly a collection of restaurants. People can never believe that I’ve honestly never visited Taco Bell or KFC.

  10. I’m a Rhode Island girl-still here 🙂 I was just going to say that people have never had fluff- which I find crazy!!! I have always hated Jelly so I always had a pb+fluff smammich… or nutella, fluff and pb… you NEED to try it.. I no longer eat fluff because it has egg whites and I’m vegan, which is so sad!!! As far as foods that I had for the first time in adult life.. quinoa, indian food, tofu.. mmmm all good stuff!

  11. I eat a teaspoon of PB every day on an whole wheat english muffin everyday for breakfast. We grew up on PB in my house. My friends thought my sister and I were weird when they found out we put pb on our french toast…yummy!

  12. We were never really big on PB at my house, I am not either. I mean I like it we just never eat it too much.

  13. mmm pb. So amazing. I eat it almost every day as well. I have never tried brussel sprouts until I met Josh (my mom does not like them) and now I’m a HUGE fan!

  14. I am lucky in this category. There was nothing I would not try as a kid and growing into an adult. I guess if I had to name something it would be tacos. We never had them growing up and the ones in the college caf were not appetizing looking. After college, I guess I had Taco Bell but I never made tacos or fajitas or anything. Now I can live without them.

  15. you are seriously the cutest person ever, and i LOVE how the fact that you never tried PB&J speaks of your heritage! it’s actually pretty cool 🙂 but i AM glad that you’ve tried it now – it’s definitely a staple in my diet!

  16. PB&J is seriously the best combo – I had one every day for lunch throughout grade school. Try strawberry jelly – it’s my favorite combo!

  17. I never had lox until in high school. Does that count? I guess it’s kind of a weird food but now I love it – on a bagel, with cream cheese, capers, lettuce, tomato and onion – yum!

    And still have never tried Fluff though I’ve been offered many times. Sorry – it looks disgusting to me! A mouth full of marshmallow? No thanks.

  18. grits.
    sweet potatos.

    I thought they were ALL gross and would never ever try it/them.

    Now I have all of the above several times a week. EVERY week.

  19. Oh man, the hubby LOVES a good PB&J.. it’s his lunch everyday. Kid you not!

    For me, it’s mushrooms! Love ’em now (especially truffles. Oh my gaw, my mouth is watering at the thought..)

  20. I never had sushi until I was in college – now it’s a staple!

  21. Dried olives from Tony’s in RI!

    You have not explored the full realms of Peanut butter until you explore it with homemade toasted fresh bread.A breakfast staple in our home for many years of bread-making (many varieties) until my waist cried (boo hoo) a halt.

  22. gigi

    Hi, I’m a new reader, great blog!
    To this day I have never had a PB&J and pb is daily for me as well. I like PB&nutella (I have Italian roots too) or PB&Banana. sometimes I put nutella and melted pb on a frozen banana as a special treat!

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