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  1. i usually learn through blogs and magazines too! the whole banana oats thing from kath, the GM thing from Angela, and larabars (which is weird since it’s a local company…you’d think i would have tried one already!)

  2. I learn about new products all over the place. Blogs, TV, in stores, word of mouth–just about everywhere I can imagine. Inside taxis, LOL. ūüôā


  3. Is it bad that I think that sounds like it would be delicious when mixed with a little bit of champagne?! HA!

    I learn about new products when I’m in the store and they have a really nice display that catches my eye.

  4. I find new products through blogs, magazines, and at the store. One of my favorite things to do is browsing food stores for new products.

  5. I find new products the same way. I might give this a go. Some of the ‘natural’ sodas have an odd aftertaste to me and I think it is from the stevia they use to sweeten it. Honestly, I’d rather have a tiny bit of cane juice to give it a little sweetness, especially for a ‘treat’ that I would not have daily.

  6. I learn about foods through blogs. I look at something and recall just whose blog I saw it from

  7. I am all about finding products through other bloggers. I find out which bloggers seem to have the same taste buds as me and follow their lead. I also like to just go to whole food/trader joes/etc and just “be crazy” and pick a new product that catches my eye (My life obviously rates low on the crazy-meter. haha)

  8. Definitely through blogs these days, but before that through magazines, friends’ recommendations and just shopping myself. I love trying new things! Thanks for the review…I’d love to find this!

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