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  1. I think I’ve told you this too- but I do the same and love it! Its always fun to come up with new breakfast and lunch combos so they get super excited 😉

  2. aw! i know what you mean…last weekend my hubby was away and it was SO SAD…crazy how lonely you get, right?

  3. So sweet! I make my Husband breakfast and dinner every day too. I know he appreciates it so much and I love the extra time we get to spend together.

  4. This is so so cute. I can feel the true love. <3

    Ps. your pesto looks awesome!! Reminds me I have some basil in the freezer.

  5. YUM! Sabrina that is so lovely!

  6. Mel

    🙂 Take makes me happy…and jealous

    I would give anything if Dan would eat breakfast and let me make him lunch, or for him to even entertain taking a lunch.

    He eats out for lunch everyday and breakfast too, if he eats it
    🙁 I do not like this, it makes me sad and he makes poor choices.

  7. What a sweet post. I love my husband too. I’m a bit embarrassed to say he makes me breakfast almost every day. :-O

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