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  1. My husband thinks I’m crazy when I put peanut butter on french toast or pancakes…he just doesn’t know what he’s missing! This recipe looks great!

  2. I love french toast too, but like you I often end up in a food coma afterwards! I have made it with wheat bread and eggs, but it just isn’t the same. I save french toast for special breakfasts!

  3. LOVE it. I actually made a vegan version recently (and posted about it) using almond milk and flax- it was actually really really good. Yours looks beautiful. Makes me excited to try and go to brunch this weekend 😉

  4. I need to try these! I always avoid french toast because I hate how I feel after eating them. Yours looks gorgeous!

  5. i love french toast, i just made a giant batch of it for myself and a bunch of friends during a weekend trip to new hampshire. you forgot one important french toast ingredient in the eggs after you beat them… cinnamon!

  6. I just made it not that long ago, but used Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread to make it healthier. Not quite the same, but still a good breakfast.

  7. that’s the prettiest french toast i’ve ever seen…the griddle marks are PERFECT!!! i definitely like the not-as-healthy version better, but i love that making it healthier means i can eat it more often 🙂

  8. This looks like a great lightened up version of the classic. Yum 🙂

  9. My husband LOVES french toast, we just had it last weekend actually!

  10. I’m in love…le sigh. I was actually thinking of french toast for tomorrow morning and this just might be fate telling me to go for it!

  11. this post brings back such wonderful memories of my Grandmother. She was famous for her french toast. We used to stay at her house at the SJ shore and she would make french toast for us EVERY morning. and no, we never ever got sick of it once. i used to have mine with syrup plus cinnamon and sugar…yummoooo

  12. i’ve never had french toast! but i think i will try with your recipe!

  13. I love challah french toast mmmm!!! Yours looks amazing too!

  14. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and was excited to see that you made french toast this morning! I DID TOO–>Kahlua soaked Banana Nut Stuffed French Toast! Oh so good! It sure was a nice treat!

  15. I love challah bread for french toast! I bet it was delicious! I’m with you, hate the way the unhealthy french toast makes me feel after eating it, can’t wait to try this one!

  16. I love french toast. I love stuffing them with savory items though. Like cheese, ham, avocado, tomatoes, etc. 🙂
    I’ve never really had french toast until I came to America, though. The “french toast” in Singapore was just bread dipped in egg and then fried.

  17. Clearly I am a naughty eater because it is not that hard for me to remember all the times I’ve eaten french toast or made it at home. I have to say, when I make it I usually go for white bread or at the very least, a bakery made whole grain bread. i’ve just found that packaged whole grain breads never seem to give me the texture I’m looking for.

    I also saw your comment on ELR regarding her format change and wanted to comment because I 100% agree with you. I think everyone has to handle it in her own way and that it doesn’t have to be black or white. In my opinion being selective, honest and serving things up in a way that is informative rather than an infomercial is key. I don’t think all bloggers who accept products are bad or that all those who turn them down are good. I just wanted to say I respect your honesty. I think it can sometimes be challenging to be honest sometimes in the comments on blogs so I respect and agree with your point of view and always feel you’ve been classy about the products you partner with. Just wanted to share my two cents since i feel our philosophies are similar.

  18. Ya know, Sabrina, I haven’t had French Toast in ages. This looks absolutely beautiful.

  19. I have great childhood French toast memories. My dad used to make us French toast before school sometimes (seriously, what a treat!!) and I would DRENCH it in good old Aunt Jemima. I even remember getting in fights with my brother about syrup – he was completely opposed and had his toast “dry”, while I was obviously the world’s biggest advocate and could not understand his preference in any way.

    I’ve found that making “healthy” versions of F.T. these days can actually hit the mark pretty close to the good stuff from childhood. And with a good grainy bread and the addition of fruit, I think it’s even better! (It also helps that I no longer have an obsession with puddles of high fructose corn syrup 😉 )

  20. I never ear french toast either! I have no idea why…it’s so easy and delicious:)
    It was so great meeting you this weekend at teh HLS – great job on your preso!

  21. Hey Sabrina! Just read your blog for the first time and love it! That French toast looks amazing – think I’ll have to make it for the husband. : )

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