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  1. mmm I think with some veggies and maybe chickpeas tossed in, this would be my main dish vs. a side! Looks so so good!

  2. I’ve never had bulgar before, I’ll have to get some. Can you get it at the regular food store or is it a whole foods trip?

  3. This sounds delicious and right up my alley! Can’t wait to make it.

  4. i love bulgur pilaf…i like the addition of caramelized onions in yours though!

  5. Lisa

    My family LOVES bulgur pilaf and I make it all the time!!! Even the baby eats it! I usually make it with beef broth and vermicelli but will definitely try it will carmelized onions!

  6. Bulgar pilaf is a great sub for typical rice dishes – you can add any ingredients that suit your taste or even make a lunch salad with the leftovers! The caramelized onion addition sounds great, I”m going to have to try that next time!

  7. Mmm..this sounds good! Pine nuts are one of my favorites, but I can only find them in tiny packaging for a not-so-tiny price tag!

  8. I always make bulgur with allspice (and a bit of cinammon). And it might be sacrilege, but you can make great bulgur pilaf in a good rice cooker.

  9. nikki

    yum that is a great recipe…I looked up Bulgar on the Harvard Health website…it is half the calories and twice the fiber as brown rice…really really good for you! Nikki Hannum

  10. Nona

    We loved it. It was really delicious, and healthy at the same time ūüôā Thanks for the great recipe

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