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  1. My favorite set of mugs come from Williams Sonoma. They have sweet little snowmen on them and are tapered, getting smaller towards the bottom. I like that they stack easily within each other for maximum storage. I also love pouring a cup of coffee and cupping the mug in my hands while I breathe in the rich aroma of the beans mixed with my creamer and a squeeze of caramel. Coffee time is one of my favorite times of the day!

  2. I have a Crate and Barrel brown and white polka dot mug I love for a good cup of tea. And my black HUGE mug is great for tea, coffee and soup. I love the both!

  3. Our pretty orange and green one from Starbucks. The rest are old, small mugs we got for free at different events. Drinking out of my favorite makes my morning coffee much more special!

  4. I don’t drink coffee or tea so no cute mugs for me. I do enjoy the occasional hot chocolate so I steal my boyfriends plain white one from Publix (nothing special) when I do. How did oneida send you that cute stuff for free? Very cool

  5. I have two Tinkerbell mugs and an old red/white one with hearts that I “pout” when someone else uses. We have a friend who stays w us over the summer and he always would take the giant Tink mug til I mentioned it. His response was it was the largest one & perfect for coffee/tea. My response – EXACTLY!

  6. I just bought a Drexel mug…it’s a deep royal blue with yellow writing and it’s huge! It’s really just a regular college coffee mug haha…but looking at it makes me happy :)

  7. i really love the huge starbucks location mugs! they’re perfect for soup and hot tea :) and mine is especially good at making me wish i was on the beaches of hawaii ;)

  8. Laura

    I have a mug that I painted at a “paint your own pottery” shop years ago. It’s my go-to mug and a few weeks ago it slipped out of my hand in to the sink. The handle broke off in three pieces and I was sad enough that I called my husband! I had dinner plans with a girlfriend that evening so he was home before me. When I got back from dinner the mug was on the counter and he had super glued it back together. Crisis averted… ;-)

  9. A big red mug that my sister got me one year for Christmas. It’s one of those oversized mugs from Starbucks. I hide mine, too :smile:

  10. If you don’t have a favorite mug, you need one. It changes the whole drinking experience (hm.. sounds like i’m talking about alcohol.. whatever works.. lol). My favorite mug is an oversize dark green one that makes me feel like I’m cozzying up next to a large fireplace in a log cabin, surrounded by the woods and my (future) horses. :)

  11. I used to have a few favorites — but when we got all of our new china it included a set of mugs so I donated them. Now I miss them! And all of your stories are making me nervous for the winter without my old go-to mug. Officially on the look out for a new one!

  12. Phillyboy

    I had a mug where I painted my guinea pigs picture
    on it. I think it is at my Dad’s house…

  13. hahahaha…you called me out! i definitely hide “my” mug when others come over so they don’t use it. im a freak. glad there are others out there too :)

    my fave is huge – its practically a bowl. its the best.

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