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  1. It looks gorgeous! I would love to come to a dinner party at your house.
    I also struggle with the name. “Tablescape” reminds me too much of Sandra Lee!

  2. hahah I was just about to type what Jessica did! Your table is gorgeous…Sandra Lees are ridiculous. I’m for Table Design or setting. Looks great

  3. Looks beautiful!! I need your help- Table design or “tablescape” 🙂 is so not my strong point! And, I agree- tablescape makes me immediately think of Sandra Lee! too funny!

    Beautiful design! Now- I’m just ready for fall weather!

  4. this is so beautiful! i actually was going to buy a great fall tablecloth yesterday…now i wish i had!

  5. Very simple and elegant. The worst is when people have a zillion candles and things that can catch on fire and unnecessary tchotchke. I am a fan of the clean look – let the food and plates be the focus and everything else should be there to highlight that.

    I like “tablescaping” and it is something I geek out about when we are having guests over.

  6. I prefer tablescape 🙂
    Less is more… I am really bad at that…

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