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  1. Sounds great Sabrina! You do such a great job with your planning. I bet the Honeyed Brussels Sprouts are going to be amazing.

  2. looks like a great menu! I’d love to see that trifle!!

  3. This looks fabulous,S! Stuffed mushrooms (Giada’s are amazing) and Rosemary Nuts are the best! Your place looks great too! I wish that i had the space to entertain. Perhaps in the next place 🙂 Merry (Armenian) Christmas to you and PB!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Lisa, Funny how we compare spaces to other people. We wish we had more space to entertain. Have you seen my new couches yet? We put back the 2nd coffee table and I turned them into a 2nd dining table. And our table from IKEA seats 6 but opens up to seat 10. It was fun trying to make room for that many people.. but now we don’t have enough chairs! PB and I will have to sit on the floor like little kids!

  4. i want everything you’re making to be my menu for the week…holy yum! can i come to Christmas at your house next year?! 🙂

  5. the appetizers alone sound like you could make an entire meal out of them, so good! are you for hire? or can we just become best friends? 🙂

  6. My condo in Boston was tiny. With only 642 square feet it had NO room for entertaining. Because of that I feel like so much of my search for a new condo/townhome has been about finding a place that better for entertaining.

    I’m a huge fan of an menu that can be made partially in advance and yours sounds delicious. Shockingly I don’t know that I’ve ever had stuffed grape leaves!

  7. Michael, Isabella and I will are able to make this celebration. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!!

  8. I’d love to come to this dinner!! I still need to try to find a way to try that traditional homemade pilaf! I remember you posting about it before and I bet its incredible 🙂

  9. maria

    i love tofu, but need to convert my boyfriend. any tools that could make this easier would be much appreciated!

  10. …dude…where the hell did you get your menu???

    … Its fish or seafood-based dinner, including Anushabour for dessert !

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