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  1. I love this!! And I laughed out loud at the praying during naps, hot food on the table, and gritted teeth while driving. The crying while driving is THE WORST. But I figure crashing my car is worse than whatever he is crying about, so I try really hard to just stay focused and safe. Can’t wait to see what all of this looks like in another few months!

    • It gets SO much better … it really does. After the 3-mth mark, so much gets better!! We’re experiencing the teething phase now, which just started … and is a challenge. But anything is better than those first 2-3 mths where you are so sleep-deprived and trying to get to know one another.

  2. Awwww…I remember those days and it’s a far cry from a 12-week old to a 12-month old (12/18 is my daughter’s first birthday). Have you tried a Wubbanub paci? Those are the greatest–they’re designed to never fall out of baby’s mouth–they’re weighted or something. My daughter LOVES her giraffe. She plays with him as much now as she sucks on him, but he’s with her at naptime and bedtime and when she is under the weather. Just an idea–b/c I know it can be frustrating to play the “find paci/put in mouth” game.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Lissa, Yes! We have a Wubbanub and I am OBSESSED. He has the mango monkey. I only use it when we are in the car or he is in his little play seat or swing though because when he’s in the crib he turns his head from side to side too much and it doesn’t stay in.

      It is the best invention ever though because he loves holding on to it and he loves pushing the pacifier back in himself after it falls out. Although usually it came out because he pulled the monkey by his tail!

  3. (Far cry–meaning, it gets so much better!!!)

  4. I can’t believe both of you “forgot lunch.” What will I be in for someday!?

  5. Okay I love this too. I haven’t driven yet with him by myself but I’m dreading the crying while driving. My first instinct is to pull over, which is obviously not the best idea at all times. I have to say that this timeline is much appreciated!

    And I have to say that while my pre-baby timeline included a lot of eating time for me, post-baby timeline includes 2 minute eating slots because I’m just scarfing down dinner to run to a crying/fussy baby.

    Again – great timeline! :)

  6. Very amusing Sabrina and sweet! Great photos as well. I love the bit at the end where you add a disclaimer for poopsplosions.

  7. sandy

    best wishes to you and your baby boy from Athens Greece!

  8. It’s so funny how different yours and Emily’s are to mine! And I think I’m going to have to get a wubbanub now. M can’t keep her paci in her mouth for the life of her!

  9. Thank you for this!!! I cannot tell you how insightful and demystifying I found this post. As someone who doesn’t have kids, this was a very interesting read to have some expectation of what my days could be like after having children. I’m 28 and have started thinking about it seriously lately.

  10. Kate

    at three months you can do cry it out/sleep training…I was doing the SAME THING with the binki. AND she hated the car seat before cry it out….It’s a tough first few days but it is awesome down the line@

  11. smith207

    Interesting to read your schedule and thanks for sharing. I was also blessed to have a baby that started sleeping through the night at a very young age.

    You are so lucky that Raffi eats every 3 hours!! My son needed to nurse every hour and a half at that age…grrr…but we did manage to squeeze in an hour walk in the stroller every day before he would start wailing for food again.

  12. Good Lord. I’m exhausted reading this! Sounds like you guys are doing great though. Raffi is such a cutie pie.

  13. “This counting of his age thing is confusing to me.” <—– It's funny how that works isn't it? My little girl was 12 weeks on Monday & will be 3 months next Monday (the 19th) which is the same day she is 13 weeks.

    I spent SO MUCH TIME while pregnant trying to dispell the whole "pregnancy is 10 months" bullshit. If you do the math, it's so false! My daughter will be 9 months on June 19th & 40 weeks on June 25th. Yet I still have a friend who adamantly protests & says that it's 10 months – drives me NUTS!!

  14. Oh, Sabrina, I felt myself becoming exhausted just reading this! LOL!!
    You “summed it up” perfectly. I remember my husband coming home and asking what I did all day when the kids were little. I couldn’t even tell him because it was full of feedings, diaper changes and everything that you wrote (except of course, being in touch with the outside world through computers). Too funny!
    So glad you guys are doing so well. He is absolutely beautiful, Sabrina.
    Enjoy EVERY moment, even the difficult ones because they grow up WAAYYYY too quickly. Our younger daughter just received her acceptance letter to the college of her choice today – two down, one to go – It. Is. Flying!!

  15. m

    He sleeps from 8pm until 5am??!! That’s amazing! My 7 month old is up at least 2-3 times a night still…She goes down like a dream for the night and for naps, so I won’t complain, but I dream of a stretch of sleep longer than 3 or 4 hours…I haven’t had one since she was born!

  16. Definitely feeling a bit tired after reading this. Wondering what I got myself into with a little one on the way in May, but I’m sure it’s the most rewarding job I will ever have!
    Raffi is such a cutie pie- I’m sure you love most of it…minus the poopsplosions, I’m sure!

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