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  1. i am really loving massive salads these days – they’re so filling and versatile and i like that i can eat a ton of food without a ton of calories. plus it helps me get in my raw veggie quota!

    and i say don’t skip the square of chocolate thing – i’d call that a necessity :)

  2. My salads sound a lot similar to yours. I love a big bold salad with tons of flavor. I also agree with Heather on not skipping the chocolate – it keeps things in balance. Chocolate is a necessity for balance/sanity. :)

  3. I love a wheat tortilla spread with plain greek yogurt, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and piled high with fresh spinach. It sounds plain but it’s so delicious! Greek yogurt with fruit is also great – or with sunflower seeds and chocolate chips when you need something sweet.

  4. This is great Sabrina! What a wonderful balance!! Will you pack my lunch ;) YUM!

  5. Holly

    Ive been making grilled lemon chicken with bulgur (it’s a ‘clean eating’ recipe on spark people. So tasty and filling!!

  6. When I was working I packed my lunch every single day. I loved it! My go-to lunch was a Morningstar Farms chicken patty on a wheat sandwich thin with spinach, tomato slice, ketchup and mustard. A side of carrot sticks and a big, juicy navel orange made it the perfect lunch!

  7. I like simple things, and you have good ideas. Some other possibilities:

    Make-your-own “lunchables” (crackers and deli meat and cheese)

    Fresh fruit, cut into slices or made into salad

    Hard boiled eggs (plain or stuffed)

    Veggies with a dip (I like yogurt-based ranch dressing or hummus, but there are a lot of possibilities)–for veggies I tend to rotate carrots, celery, cherry/grape tomatoes, snow peas, and bell pepper, but you’re not limited to those, obviously

    Pinwheels (Very easy–just spread softened cream cheese over a tortilla or slice of deli meat, roll up, chill a bit, then cut into bite-size pieces. You can add other things, like sticking a pickle in the middle of the roll or putting fresh spinach and shredded chicken on the tortilla spread with cream cheese)

    Muffins (I tend to bake my own in small batches, but you can also buy them. Don’t limit yourself to sweet–savory muffins are also a great possibility)

    Leftovers, reimagined (Have some chicken? Meatballs? Try doing something different with them, or putting them with different foods.)

    Pasta salad (you’re really limited only by your imagination; my favorite pasta salad is a pesto tortellini salad with halved grape tomatoes and cubes of chicken and a little bit of shredded parmesan for a garnish)

    And as for salad, think outside the green leafy box. My favorite salads to pack are varieties of cucumber salad or carrot salad. I also like a good caprese salad (tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella) in the summer.

    Also, if you pack a lunch regularly, think about the lunch when you’re cooking dinner. Could you set aside some portion for lunch? If you’re making meatballs for your spaghetti, for example, set some aside before saucing them and eat them plain, or use the mix to make patties or something else for your lunch the next day.

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