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  1. Jess

    The Mozart cube is fantastic. Both of my kids have loved ours and I give them out for gifts whenever I can.

    And we have a cheaper kitchen stand: http://amzn.com/B000SQNAQC. It’s sturdy (we use it daily, frequently with both the four-year-old and two-year-old in it at once, and we’ve had no problems with it), and it’s quite a bit cheaper than the Learning Tower.

  2. Tiffany

    Some of these are definitely on our list as well! My daughter just turned 1 and we actually asked for books and clothing for her. We’ve finally run out of hand me downs and baby shower clothing in her size. My daughter adores books so we asked for more. Now we have more than enough board books..haha!

  3. Great ideas! Many of these are on our first birthday wish list, too.

  4. april

    we love the drum set…we have the older version and both kids get it out to play with every so often. for little girls we love the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn purse. It’s really cute.

  5. great list, bookmarked it!

  6. Melanie

    We have the drum set but had to take away the sticks. Our son was using them on pretty much everything in the house including cherry furniture and people. We also have the zany zoo and he hasn’t touched it since we bought it. Blocks and Legos were a hit as well as balls of all colors and sizes.

  7. Kat

    Love this list as we are just about to head into “one year old birthday season” with all of Madeline’s new friends. I guess I’m a bit on the practical side and I always think of how expensive raising a child can be on the parents and how much stuff parents can acquire in their homes. I typically try to bring a small gift for the child so they have something fun to open and play with but I usually include a gift card for the parents so they can buy other necessities from Target or somewhere like that. Diapers and wipes and other necessities are just as needed by parents, but not as much fun to open for kids. Not sure how other parents feel about it, but I always hope the gifts are appreciated.

  8. Shaina

    We love our Wheely Bug- seriously, my son is obsessed with it and every kid that he plays with seems equally as interested.

    Link is here- http://www.wheelybug.com/

    We got him the bee version which has antennas that he loves to bounce. Not all of them have antennas though.

  9. Megan

    Great list! Most of these made it on my list, as well. I also have: B. Meowsic Keyboard, Sleepyking (on Etsy) Bon Bon & Belchick (or any of her cute plushies!), Prince Lionheart playMAT, and a personalized book from Paper Hat Press!

  10. Coz

    Learning tower is great. We had my husbands grandad make one from free plans on anawhite.com it cost us about a quarter of this price.

  11. I have that Learning Tower. Not because I bought it. Rather, a friend of mine gave it to me saying it’s wonderful. My husband and I looked at it thinking, what a waste of space, but accepted it. I did some research and no one has anything bad to say. My son can’t stand or walk quite yet but when he does, I can’t wait to give it a try and see what the fuss is all about.

  12. We bought the walking wagon for our son’s 1st birthday and he LOVES it! We live in a condo, so we use it in our nearby park, where he can just run around with it for hours. I wish I could have bought it in the States though, because here in Canada we paid $150 CAD for it. Worth the money though and it doesn’t look too much like a baby toy, so we just hope he will use it as he gets a little older, as well.
    We also got him a toy phone (B. brand like the drums…), which he seems to like as well.

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