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  1. I knew it!!!!!! Congratulations mama! Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, Sabrina! How wonderful! Congrats to you guys!

  3. Thrilled for you guys, S! One of each and some extra sugar and spice in your live…that’s a beautiful thing.

  4. I am SO happy at this wonderful news!

  5. Christine

    A Girl! How exciting to be able to experience having a daughter as well as son.
    Raffi and my daughter are just a few weeks apart and I have enjoyed following along since you were pregnant with him.
    Congratulations & Happy Thabksgiving.

  6. Katie

    Yay!! Girls are so fun and Raffi will be such a great big brother!!

  7. Haley

    yayyyy congrats!

  8. Andrea

    This makes me so happy. So thrilled for you guys!!!

  9. ahhhhh! I knew it! Yayyyyy. Congrats- SO happy for you 🙂

  10. Congrats!! I’m so so excited for you all! <3

  11. stephanie

    OMG! how wonderful!

  12. Congraaaaats!!!!!! SO happy for you guys! I cannot imagine the cuteness that is about to come. 🙂

  13. april

    I am so happy for you. I loooove having one of each. They are soooo different it’s hard to believe they are related sometimes.

  14. So happy for you! Congratulations on a beautiful healthy girl!

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