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  1. kristin

    aww, he is so adorable!

  2. jen

    aww he’s getting so big and I love Andrea Bocelli!

  3. Just read your update after thinking I hadn’t read with Raffi in a while when you commented on my blog. He is such a handsome boy and with such an expressive face. He sounds so similar to Izzy with his likes/dislikes. She is also a groovy mover ..any kind of song or theme tune gets her jigging about. I love that you watch the Elmo video each night it’s lovely for him to have that time with you. We watch In the Night Garden ( don’t know if you have it in America) in Izzys bedtime hour. She loves it and can say some of the characters names – too cute and its very relaxing. I always love to hear more about Raffi and makes me broody to think that we were its pregnant at same time. I want baby number 2! Xx

  4. Heather

    He is so adorable. I hope his love of diapers comes in handy with baby number 2! 🙂

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