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  1. Laura W

    I’ve never commented before, but I had the same thing happen with my little girl (who’s about the same age as Raffi) and recognized the panic (I felt the same when I found out at 36 weeks) as soon as I read it. Here’s what I did/was advised to do…

    Ice pack (wrapped in a cloth) on the head of the baby and low heating pad where you want her head to go … the warm temperature is supposed to be inviting while the cold temperature will force her out of that location. I always felt my little girl move away from the ice pack when I would put it near her head.

    Laying with your feet at an incline (like propped on an ironing board on the couch) and pelvic tilts were the recommended things by my doctors.

    I also heard that you should play music lower on your abdomen, but never tried that.

    Good luck!

  2. Megan

    I found out that my baby girl was breech at 34 weeks, I had suspected it sooner and my doctor ordered an ultrasound at that time to confirm. I was freaking out because I did not want a c-section if I could avoid it, and I was also scared about the version procedure which was basically all my doctors could talk to me about. I tried some of the old wive’s tales, and thought my brain was going to explode trying to have my head lower than the rest of me =) I did a bit of research and went to a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and got adjusted a couple of times, and baby girl flipped (I think it happened at 36 weeks, I was driving and felt a movement like no other). She stayed head down until 41 weeks, 5 days when I was finally induced and I had a great delivery.
    Good luck!! There is still time for the baby to flip!!

  3. Gretchen

    Oh no! My doula introduced me to something called the Miles Circuit when I was waiting for my little lady to get here. She wasn’t breech, but I think it can also be used to help with turning a baby. I’ll email it to you!

  4. Liz

    As much time as you can on your hands and knees! No reclining at all (even on the couch while watching tv). And get on your knees and elbows with your butt in the air and do figure eights with your butt- both directions. Good luck!

  5. christina

    My son flipped to breach the morning of my 38w appt. My dr. ruled out an external version due to some other issues I had with my placenta, but you could eventually talk about that option. I was desperate to avoid a c-section which was scheduled for the following week. I did all the spinningbabies things I could – hands and knees rocking, elevating hips, playing music on my lower belly, went to a pool and did hand stands. But it was the tip of a friend that is what I think finally worked. It sounds a little crazy, but I figure for someone who is trying to avoid a c-section, you can try anything :)
    Get a bottle of peppermint essential oil (i found mine at The Vitamin Shoppe). Before going to bed at night, rub some of the oil on your upper belly. Apparently baby can smell the oil and will try and turn away from the strong smell, sending them back to head down position. I did this one night and could tell in the morning that he had flipped. I kept putting the oil on for good measure but it was confirmed at my appt. the following week (the day before my c-section) and was able to cancel the surgery. I ended up getting induced at 41w6d :)
    Good luck!

    • Jessi

      I’m only twenty weeks but baby is breech and I may try the peppermint oil and ice. I know its early but breech freaks me out.

  6. becky

    how about acupuncture & moxibustion? it wss the only thing that worked for my sister sbd she was 36 weeks. it helped me go into labor 2 days shy of 40 weekd.
    south Philadelphia community acupuncture is on Passyunk ave & they have a sliding scale fee so its really affordable.

  7. I would recommend the site spinning babies. Also make sure to sit forward don’t lean back. Inversions are a great way to help her flip as well. I have a post on my blog from my pregnancy talking about this topic: http://www.naturallyfamily.com/2012/06/26/our-baby-is-breech-now-what/


    And your first thought was to write a blog post? Why don’t you just call your doctor??

    • AmyJoGo

      And your first thought was to criticize a pregnant mother who was obviously in a panic? She could have called her Dr and was referred to the website she mentioned in her post. Which just goes to show that NO, her first thought was not to post a blog…it was to educate herself. She got confused with the massive amount of information so she asked the advise of other moms.

  9. Argh! So very frustrating this far along. I had a friend who successfully flipped her baby from breech through physical therapy/chiropractic work. I have no idea of the timeline.

    Good luck!!!

  10. I would definitely recommend going to see a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women (there are quite a few). They can get your body in the right position to encourage the baby to flip back head down. They will also be able to help get your body in the perfect position for labor.

    I saw a chiropractor my entire pregnancy and had very little pain and a fast and wonderful labor.

    Good luck!

  11. Brianna

    I just came to your blog for the first time and I am SO glad I did! I am due right around the same time as you (I think- I just turned 34 weeks) and my baby is breech and sometimes transverse. I have been doing the spinning babies tips for a while without much luck (I have done all the inversion poses, crawled around, handstands in the pool, music and light down low, ice up high, etc. This week, I have seen an acupuncturist who gave me the moxa sticks and a chiro who has done the webster technique. I am determined to make this little one head down, too. Please keep us updated on your progress.

  12. stephanie

    No advice but sending hugs!

  13. AmyJoGo

    Hope you got her back into position and that you’re okay too!

  14. Askmommyann

    I just saw your blog for the first time and loved it♡ I am 27 weeks pregnant with a boy which due the ending of May 2013…my 42nd bday…yay♥ also I have 18 months old girl, she is so energetic. ….I can relate to your hormones and moods….I am so moody all the time :-( I can’t wait to be myself again, good luck with everything, I love reading your blog♡ thanks for your blogs….beautiful family. ..good luck and god bless

  15. kirista

    I read this today, it might help calm your nerves.

    Deep breath momma channel your inner goddess put your hands on your belly breath and picture her flipping get a photo of a baby head down tape it to the wall infront of the toilette everytime you go to teh bathroom look at it envision her head down. She’ll flip dont stress

  16. Irina

    I am sure that she will flip back – there is still a lot of time!!! Also, I know that you really do not want the C-section, but just for the sake of your sanity and peace of mind, I think you should try to also not feel so bad about it. One of the techniques of overcoming stress and anxiety for me is to imagine the even and then see if it is really that bad… and in most cases, which does include the C-section, it is not that bad. I never wanted to have a C-section and had to have an emergency surgery with my daughter. and I was shocked that it was not bad at all! The recovery is more annoying than really painful, and you do feel A LOT better after the fist 2 weeks. I am not a spring chicken and I was able to recover fast, following all the doctor’s recommendations for lifting and limitations to activities of course, and it did not significantly impact my quality of life (whatever that means with the newborn…). So, whatever happens, the healthy baby in the end is the only thing that matters. Best of luck with the flipping and I wish you the best time during your last few weeks of pregnancy. Please do not stress, it will all be OK!

  17. SaSa

    All the advice I would give regarding how turn turn this girl has already been given. I just want to wish you luck! My daughter went breech at 33 weeks and I tried everything: Chiropracty, Accupuncture, Laying upside down everyday, daily moxubustion, swimming and hypnosis. I even attempted an external version. There are some cases there is a reason a baby is breech, Im not saying yours is, but I truly believe my girl was one of these babies. I went in for a planned c section at forty weeks. After 12 weeks of Bradley Classes and having my prenatal care with a midwife, this was not what I expected. But, I had an awesome OB and two midwifes in the OR who helped facilitate immediate skin to skin and helped my daughter latch within the first five minutes of being born. Having a planned cesarean in a supportive hospital meant I had an awesome birth experience. My recovery was speedy and I credit it to being hydrated, rested and calm as I walked into the surgery. Only you know what is best for you and your baby, but I do recommend planning a cesarean instead of going into one in an emergency if you find yourself there. My reason for wanting a natural birth was have the best outcomes for me and my daughter. Considering she was footling breech, I think we had the best outcome possible. Good luck and I’m crossing my rooting for her to turn!

  18. Sarah Anne

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re panicked but can really understand.

    I echo the others and HIGHLY recommend chiropractic. I would recommend going to http://www.icpa4kids.org to find a chiropractor certified in Webster technique which is often what people refer to in order to help babies turn. What they will do is help optimize your pelvis to give your uterus and baby the most room which can help with the baby’s movement. They are gentle and will really help you out.

    The ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) does the actual education and certification and post doc fellowships in pediatrics so they really are the people to go to! They should have some articles and info on mother Webster Technique as well.

    Thinking of you and sending peaceful thoughts!

  19. Elizabeth sol

    Moxibustion on acupoint ub67. General info available here but consult any LAc or HHP for detailed advice, good luck! http://www.yinyanghouse.com/acupuncturepoints/ub67

  20. My baby was breech as well and I was absolutely panicking! I hung upside down off the couch multiple times a day and hung off of a medicine ball.

    I actually felt him finally turn and it was such an intense feeling it almost brought me to my knees, like I literally saw my stomach move, it was sooo strange.

    33 weeks is still early, my boy didnt move until almost 38 weeks!

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