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  1. Oh my, he’s such a sweetie! The photo with Alessandra giving him the confused look as he’s having a little bit of a meltdown is just too much!

  2. Great update! I love listening to Kay put together sentences too. Kaylin has become more clingy lately. Tough when you’re trying to cook!

  3. Omg #8 made me laugh. THIS IS CULLEN! And it actually made me feel better, because none of his other buddies do it and I thought it was just him. We spend the ENTIRE time at the playground managing Cullen’s inability to understand that other people are allowed to be there. He loses it if he decides he is done swinging and then someone else gets in the swing. Same thing with the slide, see saw, etc. Major control issues.

  4. Kim

    Great blog post from Girls Gone Child about clingy toddlers – good perspective

  5. Heather

    Ali in the second picture, “Raffi, relax.”

    You already have me drilling the alphabet into R’s head.

  6. Cara

    Have you read Happiest Toddler on the Block? I don’t LOVE all of it, but there is a lot of good insight on how to talk/boarderline reason with a toddler. Some of the strategies I’ve modified and they’ve helped me with my toddler immensely

  7. This actually made me laugh out loud! I love his little personality!

  8. Tricia

    Try a sticker chart. Explain to him that if he goes to bed quietly et that he will get a sticker. Keep it positive!

    Also, I work in a school. From the perspective of early reading, the L sound is taught in isolation instead of the “L-A” combo that Raffi currently knows. It’s hard to type the correct sound but it comes from the back of your throat.

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