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  1. Chelsea

    I watched the whole thing❤️. It’s so evident how much Antraing loves and adores you and your little family. There was so much joy and love shown through that 30 minute video. I’m so happy for you because I know how amazing it is to have it. Happy anniversary!!! Here’s to 50 x 50 more!!!!

  2. You can’t help but feel happy after watching this! You guys are such a caring, lovely couple and an inspiration to all of us. wishing you happiness for years and years (and years!) to come. thanks for sharing!

  3. awwwwww! Happy Anniversary! Such a beautiful family

  4. Areej

    Loved the video! It’s amazing how fast time goes by. You are a beautiful couple and you have a lovely family. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness !

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