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  1. Lauren

    I am feeling a lot of the same things you are…I feel bad saying it(just because they were gifts) but I ended up giving a lot of the toys we’ve received over the last year to Toys for Tots. They were all brand new and never opened. My son never knew the difference. He has a few toys he plays with all the time (mostly transformers – he’s 5) and I’ve slowing started weeding out the rest. My daughter is only 7 months but I plan on really limiting what we bring into our home for her in terms of toys.

    Here is another book recommendation along these lines that you might enjoy:


  2. Melissa

    When you start the process of decluttering your closest please consider donating a few items to the homeless of Philadelphia. I have been volunteering with Angels CAN (change addiction now) outreach program. Thanks.

  3. This is funny but I was recently thinking very similar thoughts! I need lots of work done in my closet (and in the whole house :). So what is the point of buying/having all these things that don’t fit me perfectly and don’t look good. I would rather get only items that are perfect for me and have only few of them.

  4. Sole

    Hi there, I know this isn’t related to this post but I’m ingested in buying kinder eggs. I had asked before but never got around to emailing you. Do you still know where I could get them?
    Also, congrats on baby #3!!!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      Thank you! If you go on Amazon you can find them from a seller from China. They are the European ones, brand Zaini, but they ship from Hong Kong. I hope this helps!

  5. My goal is to minimalize our home and I am working to do so. I would love to be able to one day not look at the price tag when I buy something but my budget doesn’t allow it and the baby weight doesn’t make me want to buy just anything even if it looks great because before I invest in a wardrobe I want to be at a happier place with my weight. I will say this I don’t buy just because it’s a good deal.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      I sometimes buy something I don’t love just because it’s a good deal, and that’s what I’m trying to stop doing.

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