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  1. Maria Nazelie

    Sabrina, I am so happy for you. I can imagine how important this is and congratulations!!!

  2. Great news Sabrina!! So happy for you guys and Raffi especially!

  3. Laura

    I am SO excited for you. My son [age 2] has a peanut allergy. 🙁 They said he is unlikely to outgrow it because his bloodwork was bad —- peanut iGe # in the 50’s…did R have any bloodwork or indications that he was or wasn’t likely to outgrow??

    ALSO – did you do anything different with Alessandra? I’m pregnant with #2 and would love to do anything I can to prevent it this time. It’s so hard to not feel responsible! Taking probiotics this time around but who really knows what helps……..

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      I’m sorry about his allergy! We never did blood work – only skin tests. I don’t know the numbers off hand, but he tested pretty severely the first two years (9 months old and age 2) and at age 3 his skin test came back within the parameters to qualify for a food challenge. It was still positive, but I guess it was significantly less positive? I sound so untechnical and I’m sorry about that – I don’t understand any of it.

      The allergist told me off the bat that Raffi has a 20% chance of outgrowing the allergy by age 5. I don’t know why they said that – if it’s a normal stat or based on his results specifically.

      I didn’t do anything different in Ali’s pregnancy and not in this pregnancy either. I still eat peanut products. I still take the same prenatal vitamin.

      Best of luck and congratulations on baby #2!

      • Laura

        Thanks!! That makes sense. My son had a bigger skin reaction and worse bloodwork for peanut but smaller skin reaction and better blood result for almond. She was going to let us challenge the almond but the day of he reacted just a bit too much when we put it on his skin. We are going to recheck everything at 3. So crazy. Your post gives me hope though, for my son and Baby 2, and I really appreciate you sharing. I don’t know anyone around me yet who also understands what it’s like to bring the epic pen everywhere and not be able to trust the random snacks and desserts all the other toddlers are eating (and dropping bits of everywhere) at playgroups etc.

  4. Stacy K

    So exciting! I can’t imagine how stressful that was for you and Raffi, but the end result is awesome. It doesn’t hurt to carry an epi pen around still, you never know when you, the kids or someone else might need it.

  5. Lauri

    That is very exciting news!!! My son outgrew his around age 6 but HATES the taste of peanut anything! We are supposed to have him eating peanut products fairly often so the allergy doesn’t come back but we have to literally bribe him to even eat a peanut. I can’t even get him to eat Reeses! It has been a struggle but I am still glad he is no longer allergic. Like you said, it’s a relief not to have to ask questions everywhere or be on high alert!

  6. Lindsay

    That is great news! It’ll be a whole new world to him. Although I am not a mother, I’ve been a nanny with the same family for 7 years and have learned how tough allergies can be. Raffi must be so excited!

  7. Gina Grant

    I am so happy for you and especially for your son. Could I ask what allergist you go to? I am trying to find an allergist to talk about desensitizing my 5 year old son.

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