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  1. Bridget Myers

    I needed to read this! My biggest regret (as of lately) is how many toys our kids got for Christmas. I agree with you, so I don’t know why we got so many (and then of course they got more from grandparents). I think it was the fact that my daughter didn’t really have one big thing she wanted, and she’s at such a good age for Christmas that we ended up getting a bunch of less expensive toys. We really need to work on having less stuff overall, and getting the kids to do more chores regularly. The weekday evenings after work are such a blur from getting home, dinner, and getting to bed that if getting her to clean up her toys is such a fight and all it’s doing is eating into bedtime, we usually give up because by that point we just want them in bed ūüėČ

  2. Lauren

    I agree! Just had our 5th baby and for the most part our house is spotless. I go crazy if there’s a mess!

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