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  1. HOLY YUM those look SO good! Great idea!

  2. Cute savory muffins! 🙂

  3. These look great. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. These look incredible! I’m gonna try one day this wk!

  5. Those look SO tasty and cheesy!

  6. Wow! These look really good. I’m all over the fresh cheese.

  7. Bec

    Wow it does sound fantastic and easy, I’ll bookmark it for sure!

  8. SO perf (:)) for a college student on the go! LOVES IT.

  9. Looks fabulous girl! What a yummy and healthy meal.

  10. My hungry belly thanks your hungry belly for this delicious recipe 🙂

  11. Melissa

    Thank you so much for this recipe!! I made these for my boyfriend who is a breakfast purist! I have been eating eggs and bacon (which I really hate) for weeks and despretly needed a change! This was light, delicious and so easy to make! Thanks again!

  12. Brooke

    These sound great.
    Any info on how long would they keep in the fridge?
    I am thinking of making them on a Sunday to have for breakfast during the week.

  13. Sarah

    I love this recipe. I make 5 good size muffins then individually wrap them and reheat one every morning for breakfast.
    I’ve shared this recipe on myfitnesspal.com and gave you credit (a link to your blog). I hope this is ok.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Ellen

    Great recipe. Made it for mother’s day and it was a big hit!

    Thanks for creating it and sharing.


  15. Avani

    This recipe looks delicious! Question, do you have to use a whole egg? Or is it okay to have just all egg whites? Curious, thanks!

  16. faith

    Would be helpful to know the quantity of COOKED veg this recipe requires. One mushroom? Would that be a portabella (about 4 oz) or a baby bella (about 1 gram).

  17. ashley ricciardi

    Would it work if i individually put each on in a baggie and froze them?

  18. Marilyn

    How many calories per muffin & carbs?

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