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  1. Yum! I have some chocolate pudding this would be perfect for. How much does 1 cup yield?

    • Hi Evan! It makes about 1.5 cups of whipped cream (just edited the post- thanks). I have gotten up to two though. Also, it is VERY rich so just a little bit adds a LOT to the dessert.

  2. I actually don’t even use sugar when I make whipped cream! It takes a little longer to whip up but I figure when it’s going on something already sugary there isn’t a need for extra.

  3. Jacklyne

    I love visiting your blog! Your so creative how your present your ideas! I am so happy for you! All th best!

  4. i love fresh whipped cream, it tastes delicious! so much better than canned or packaged!
    nice job! i love the pic..

  5. I always use confectioner’s (powdered) sugar when I do whipped cream. I find that it comes out smoother and not gritty.

  6. YUMMM girl! love me some whip cream!

  7. LOVE whipped cream — I made my own for the first time during an ill-fated three months on the Atkins diet back in college, and couldn’t believe how easy it was. That was probably the only good thing that came out of that. How ridiculous is it that I was avoiding, say, apples and making my own whipped cream (with fake sugar, natch) to go on my sugar-free jello? SO sad. Your pic looks fabulous!

  8. Did you take that picture? I’m drooling over it!

  9. What I wouldn’t give for some berries and whipped cream right now! YUM!

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