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  1. this sounds so SO good! do you happen to have a traditional italian 3-bean salad recipe? i’d love to hear it…that stuff is so addicting 🙂

  2. Yum. Way to throw together a great pantry meal. I want to make this- Josh and I both like hearts of palm. I’d have to do a different cheese though because Josh is not a feta fan (can you believe that business?). Have fun this weekend

  3. I have MISSED your recipes! This one looks like a winner!

  4. Yum!! I have been doing the whole pantry/fridge/freezer thing for the last week or so to try and clean out some things. Sometimes the creations that come out of pantry staples are the best ones!

  5. Laura

    What does hearts of palm taste like?

  6. I love bean salads. They’re the perfect balance of veggies, protein, and carbs. Plus they’re super filling. Perfect. Yours looks lovely! 🙂

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