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  1. how cool! i love claire…her personality is too cute 🙂 i’m going to panini my next sandwich too!

  2. we make Foremanini’s on the George Foreman at work. and at home. LOVE that thing!!

  3. That is so cool. I love Arnold Sandwich thins so I will have to check out their recipe site. Did you meet her in person or was it a phone interview?

  4. SO cool. I love Claire. She is fun to watch. And I am a massive Arnold’s thins fan…we almost always have them in the house. They are perfect for sandwiches (and I couldn’t agree with you more that when I want a really good/calorie dense piece of bread, I’m eating it alone to enjoy every ounce of flavor- not with a sandwich!) Great tips- hummus is awesome on arnolds. I have always used my arnolds as croutons and in panzanella salads. Wish I could hear you speak at the healthy living summit!

  5. loveeee this! i love a good arnold thin, so this interview chat was just fabulously insightful.

  6. I should “panini” more sandwiches. I’m just so lazy!

  7. Instead of making an English Muffin pizza, try doing it on sandwich thin. So good!

  8. I used to love the Thins, but I think it’s important to note that they have artificial sweeteners in them (sucralose, i.e. Splenda). For those of us who try to really eliminate all artificial sweeteners in their diet, I think this should be noted…..one of the reasons they’re so low in calories is the use of some fake sugar….just thought I’d share because I didn’t realize for months that they had sucralose in them until I took a closer look! Of course, many people won’t be bothered by this, but for people who don’t want fake sugar at all or are allergic, it’s good to know:)I never would ave expected it in my bread!

    As a sidenote, I love the use of panini as a verb:) Everything is better when it’s panini’ed!

  9. Claire Robinson

    Hi Sabrina! Absolutely adorable title! I didn’t realize I was verbing “panini”! You are a wonderful food writer and I enjoyed speaking with you as well. I’ll enjoy reading future posts and comments! Thanks, and all the best!

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