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  1. Tricia

    I am so excited for you!!

  2. How exciting ! Just a few more weeks to go, hang in there!

  3. YES! The yoga ball is amazing! I wish I could work with it on my kitchen table but it is too low! I am only getting up twice during the night but this might change. Heartburn you say? I am popping TUMS like noones business, but I have also done 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water. The frames for your decorations look great. I am having a hard time arranging with 1 1/2 walls we only have available in our office/nursery. Hang in there! You look awesome!

  4. Christine

    The frames looks great so far! Have you tried art.com? They have a huge selection of posters and prints and I’m sure you can find something there. Good luck in your last few weeks 🙂

  5. Kristen

    You look great! It is getting so close! So exciting!!!

  6. Love the last line the most! “Times PB and I…” too cute 🙂 You’re doing great girl. Almost there!!

  7. You’re totally going to have your bambino before I have baby d! I still feel great – just huge- and am convinced nothing is going on. And now I’m worried because baby d is posterior and I’m afraid it will not allow me to go au natural … ah stress!
    But either way, I’m so ready. I was ready at 36 weeks, but here I am 3 weeks later… still waiting. Hoping it comes more quickly for you!

  8. Tania

    Sabrina, I am SO SO excited for you!! My heart swells thinking of your mother. Great, now I’m sitting here crying too, lol. I’m 23 weeks tomorrow and I wish you all the best. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to follow your pregnancy, it really has given me an idea of what to expect, both good and bad. And btw you look SO beautiful. You may feel uncomfortable, but your shape hasn’t changed drastically for weeks now. You look wonderful, don’t think about the weight, as it will easily come off once bambino has joined us in this big, beautiful world. All the best to you. Please keep us posted when it all goes down. xo, Tania

  9. You look amazing and all that you are feeling is exactly as how you should be feeling at this point in your pregnancy!!! Oh and about the pedicures – they are known to put women in labor because of the certain pressure points in your feet can start contractions!!!! Good luck and enjoy your time with your husband these last few weeks;)

  10. um, if i’m already going to the bathroom x 3 NOW what does that mean for tri #3!?!?!?


  11. Love the random cravings!

  12. Arielle

    You look great! I have a suggestion for the heartburn – when I was in college I had horrible acid reflux, like so bad it gave me a chronic cough and I had to be on prescription medicine like a 60 year old fat man. Anyway, it has mostly gone away but I still get it sometimes and the major thing that helps me is a little bit of baking soda in a glass of water. There are actually directions for this on the side. Have you tried that? Also, deep breaths, and try to move the air down your throat/chest/I am sure there is a more technical term for that part of your body. Hope that makes sense.

    Anyway, I have no idea if baking soda is allowed for pregnant people, but if it is I’d give it a try. Good luck!

  13. Aw the last sentence is really cute, it must be such a crazy mix of emotions I cant even imagine.

  14. You’re almost there!
    It’s so normal to feel this way right now. Your hormones are out of control, you don’t feel like you, and everything is about to change. Just rely on all of the wonderful support around you. Enjoy your time right now, and remember to take care of yourself!!!
    Also, I craved super icy water in the end too. I almost broke our ice machine on the fridge several times. The colder the better!

  15. Congrats, how exciting! I’m a new reader so I did a little catch up and I’m so glad to have found your blog! I lost my mom 3 years ago, and our wedding was hard without her. Now that we are thinking about kids too it makes me anxious. Thanks for openly sharing, it is comforting to know I am not alone. I always think that the greatest gift from my mom was her love, and what a beautiful way to honor your mom by sharing that love with Bambino. I am really encouraged by you, and I hope everything goes well for you! peace, Jenn

  16. Lynda @ healthy hoboken girl

    I’m a new reader as well, so nice to have found you. I too have lost my Mom, 10 years ago, and still have a good cry every now and then. I appreciate your honesty, and take comfort in hearing you share your thoughts and emotions. It helps to know other motherless daughters are out there.

    Your mother is with you now, more than you know. Good luck with the new baby coming! Exciting!!!!!

  17. So, I read something on one of my pregnancy apps today and thought of you. Natural remedies for heartburn! Very ripe papaya, almonds, and a tablespoon of honey in warm milk. You look great! And I completely understand about your panics! It’s hard to know exactly what it’s going to be like with a baby in your life!

  18. I say this every time…but SO EXCITED FOR YOU! And yes. go on tons of dates and eat out in restaurants and enjoy the peace and quiet as long as you can. :p

  19. You are almost there! I agree, eat out often now, get a pedicure, get your hair cut, pamper yourself! Not because you won’t be able anymore but you won’t even care to the same way. You will be so focused on the little one! (This will change a little bit once he gets a little bigger. 🙂 But enjoy this preparation time! So much fun!

  20. So close! With our frames, I just printed out prints of old storybook illustrations that are past copyright. (e.g. Alice in Wonderland) Yours already look really cute! As for heartburn, I didn’t find solutions, but, oh, I can sympathize with your pain. I was DOWNING Tums on top of Zantac, and had to sit in very specific positions so that I wouldn’t get sick. Like I did in the middle of a yoga class. Ugh. Good luck!

  21. BEAUTIFUL! Seriously so gorgeous!!!

    Keep Bambino cooking a little longer but yoga squats are the position I lived in the last few weeks!

  22. Yeay you’re so close! I found that hanging out on all fours was awesome. I put a pillow under my knees and I would put my head on the counch and rock from side to side. It helped with hip and sciatic pain. I did it for at least an hour every day in the final three weeks of my pregnancy.

  23. rawan

    im so excited 🙂

  24. a) you look amazing and so cute, don’t let the scale bother you in the least.

    b) thank you for all the great tips of the trade. you make me really excited for eventually starting a family some day 🙂 🙂 i will absolutely keep all these tips and tricks in mind.

    c) congrats again, a million times over!

  25. AmyJoGo

    Aloe Vera juice is AMAZING for heartburn. I’ve seen it at Walgreens, but you can also buy it in concentrated bottles at the health store and dilute it with a little water, juice or tea. It has a slightly citrus flavor. The best thing is that it actually heals your throat instead of simply coating your throat. Out here in the southwest, we use aloe vera pulp on sunburns AND any other kind of burn to heal and soothe so it makes sense that the consumed juice would heal and soothe your esophogus.

  26. Oh darling I can totally relate to feeling a bit panicky. My little boy is about to turn 6 months old in 4 days and I still pinch myself and go whoa, I am a mum! I am really excited for you both for this exciting and sometimes challenging time.

    Oh btw I had the ice cravings in 3rd trimester and even was begging for ice chips all through labour. Couldn’t get enough. So many people told me it was iron deficiency but I am not sure.

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