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  1. I buy broccoli regiliously every week, this might be a good way to switch it up instead of the typical roasted or steamed versions I usually do.

  2. This looks fantastic! Perfect for this rainy weather..

  3. We’re having colder than usual weather as well so soup sounds fantastic here too. I love that you loaded up on broccoli, I think were I faced with pregnancy cravings bacon and cheese would be more likely.

  4. YUMMO! Looks super delicious!

  5. this looks amazing! one of my favorite boxed soups is the V8 broccoli soup, but this one looks 10x as good. I’m putting this one on my list to try.

  6. Looks absolutely delish. I love this soup, but you had me at the homemade croutons. Sadly, I won’t be making this anytime soon. It’ll be 105 degrees today!

  7. Mmmm that bowl looks amazing!! Unfortunately, kaylin seems to have issues digesting after i eat cheese… So ive nixed it mostly. Croutons are an awesome soup topper

  8. Ginny

    You should be proud…your picture looks a thousand times tastier than Martha’s 🙂

  9. i LOVE broccoli soup – cannot wait to try this out!!!! YUM.

  10. I love the alterations you made. They sound like great improvements. I’m a soup lover, so next time I get a chance to pick up some broccoli, I’m definitely going to try this.
    Did you use a handblender to blend the soup or a blender…I’m afraid my blender might overdo it.
    I’m jealous of your weather cooling off. It was in the hundreds today here in Sacramento. It felt like a cruel joke.

  11. Saving this for a time when it’s not 98* when I leave work… I cannot wait for those days!

  12. This sounds SO good!! I’m always looking for new soups and this one is so simple! I’m definintely marking this one to make! I love soup season 🙂

  13. My husband would die for that soup. Maybe if he’s good I will make it or him 😉

    I was never a birth story junkie until I wrote mine! I didn’t think anyone would be interested in reading it, seriously, I was like…I am doing this more for me.It’s been one of my most popular posts! There are so many birth story junkies out there! I can say I am now one of them 😉

    How crazy was it that 756 was closed today! My sister works for the zoo and when I was sitting in traffic 1/2 mile from my house in the burbs for 1 hour listening to KYW I told her she better stay home. I love that it’s cooler…esp for you being in the home stretch…but this rain is killing us! My friends in Manayunk were under water!

  14. Martha Martha Martha…lol she always has everything!!!

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