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  1. This is fantastic! This is pretty much exactly how I have fed Owen since he started finger foods (fruit, veg, protein at each “meal”, as many whole/natural/uncomplicated foods as possible) and now he is a FABULOUS and voracious eater, at almost 2 years old. I can only hope it continues :)

    Enjoy! Eating together is definitely one of our favorite things also.

  2. I’ve seen you post Armenian string cheese before and I’m so curious- is it different than regular string cheese? Where do you buy it?

  3. So stinking cute! I love seeing what you’re feeding Raffi!

  4. So cute! Great posts. These posts are making me feel like CJ eats WAY too much, but what can I say…he’s hungry?!

  5. Constance

    Why prune juice everyday? Seems a lot of extra sugar for no reason, especially at his age. Are there benefits or is there a reason he needs it (constipation, etc?)

  6. Thanks for sharing Raffi’s meals. Now I have some new ideas for Sam!

  7. Amanda

    Thank you for sharing these meals!! I’d love to see more as I’m always looking for new ideas for my 15 month old twin boys. I had never thought of cream cheese on toast… I always do peanut butter so now I can switch it up :) Thanks again and please continue sharing more baby menu ideas!

  8. I love seeing what everyone’s been feeding their little munchkin’s!! This was a fun post to do! Thanks for sharing what Raffi’s been having. Ella’s favorite food in the world is hummus. SHe eats it with cucumbers, her fingers, then she sticks her face in the bowl and dumps it on her head haha. I’m not even kidding.

    She also loves toast with cinnamon and coconut oil! If you haven’t given that to Raffi yet I am sure he’d love it!

    PS- I will have to tell Dana next time you guys hang out maybe we will meet up at some point. I’m supposed to see her this week :-)

  9. As much as we eat cream cheese here (son can’t have most other cheeses), I can’t believe I have not thought about putting it on toast for breakfast….. duh! Bagels but never toast… lol. Thanks for sharing. Lots of good stuff for your little one.

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