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  1. julie

    omg, wow. i don’t have any solutions for you but i just wanted to say i’m glad you, the baby and raffi are all okay!! that must have been terrifying.
    good luck with the baby, i hope everything turns out okay 🙂

  2. Megan

    She could be stretched out across your belly like you think you’re feeling, in a transverse position. Depending on which way she is facing if she is in a transverse position, you may be feeling arm and leg movements in different areas. If she rolls over those movements would feel totally different but I don’t think the movement of her rolling would be as noticeable. My daughter was breech at 34 weeks (confirmed finally by an ultrasound, I agree about knowing your body and everyone doubted me for stressing about her being breech!) and I think she was in a transverse position for a while, she eventally flipped (after I was adjusted by a chiropractor, could’ve been a coincidence but it was worth it for me to try).

  3. Wow, what a scary fall! So glad you, Raffi and baby are OK.

    I would definitely recommend seeing a chiropractor. There are chiropractors that specialize in prenatal and postnatal care and are experts at helping a breech baby flip back. Plus they can get your body in prime position for labor.

    Good luck!

  4. LS

    I’m so glad you guys are all okay!

    As for position, I am no expert but I would definitely say it is possible that she turned! My little guy is head down / face down according to ultrasound. We saw his hand by his face causing low movement, his butt stuiking out around the belly button, and his feet kind of curved to the upper left side, under my ribs but only on that side.

    I’ve never heard of moxibustion, but that is pretty cool that your OB keeps up with different types of techniques! Hope it really has worked and everything goes well for you guys!

  5. Katie

    Moxibustion totally worked for my coworker whose baby girl went breech at 33 weeks. After the first at-home moxibustion try, her little baby turned right around and everything was a-okay. Good luck!

  6. Laura

    I’m 37 weeks with my second… awesome natural childbirth with the first. But this one is stubbornly breech. I’ve done inversions on ironing boards, I’ve hung off beds, I’ve used cold packs where the baby’s head is, and I’ve spent the last 4 weeks doing the Webster technique at the chiropractor’s. I keep trying. Anything and everything. Except the needles of acupuncture – an epidural freaks me out. This moxibustion approach sounds ok (better than needles). I can’t imagine acupuncture! Best of luck!

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