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  1. Lauren

    Love your meal plan! I make a me list, but wait until the day comes because I can not commit to dinners. Life gets busy sometimes, so we pick off the list.
    I go to aldi once in awhile, the problem I find with the produce is that it isn’t refrigerated at all. There’s no cool air or anything below it, so sometimes it doesn’t look great depending on when you go. Mine has organic low fat milk, but in a half gallon, two actually cost more than a gallon at whole foods. When I’m reigning in my budget, I like to go to trader joes. It’s about 25 mins away and in a busy area (Warwick or patriot place), so I don’t go regularly.
    I tend to go to whole foods for food and target for household supplies and crackers for my son. I do best when I stick to a list, else I go crazy on all the produce, more hummus and cheese than we need, etc.

  2. Heather C

    We started shopping at Aldi’s for basics to help cut down on our grocery bill! I adore their dark chocolate & mint chocolate – it’s the large bar looking ones but inside they are individually wrapped ūüôā

    We buy organic spinach there, along with beans/cooking spray/maple syrup is an excellent buy there!

  3. Elizabeth

    love Aldi! do most of my shopping there. I love their produce.

  4. Kim

    Did you know ALDI is the brother of Trader Joe’s? Aldi is a German brand and then the family separated into the two brands. That’s to say, I haven’t shopped at Aldi but LOVE TJ’s and the prices. Definitely savings on the staples front, even with organic. I do have to check the expiration dates though.

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