96 Responses to “Win a Lifetime Supply of USA Dried Peas & Lentils!”


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  1. carolyn~

    I love the Rustic Lentil Salad

  2. sarah

    the mushroom and lentil burgers. yummm!

  3. Betsy

    Red lentil dish…soo good!

  4. joy

    Seriously an awesome giveaway
    I vote for Recipe # 4 the eggplant YUM!

  5. rebecca

    definitely the mushroom and lentil burgers!

  6. jessica

    My favorite lentil recipe is the Mushroom Lentil Burgers. I think they’re so creative and look delicious!

  7. Lauren85

    My vote is for the Mushroom Lentil Burger. I tried it myself, and it was amazing!!

  8. Jessie

    I’d choose lentils & eggplant!

  9. Stephanie

    What would a lifetime supply of lentils and beans *look* like? Do you get them all at once?!?

    And the burger, all the way. But I’m Canadian so maybe I should stay out of it… 🙂

  10. tam

    I would submit Red Lentils for 1. Good luck in the competition!

  11. Akanksha

    The lentils with eggplant are BEAUTIFUL! I’D LOVE A LIFETIME OF LENTILS!

  12. ooh, love the salmon-lentils combo, but the eggplant lentil dish sounds different!! all of them sound delicious, i cant wait to get back home and give them a try!

  13. Danielle

    Rustic lentil salad! Yum!

  14. I long for a lifetime of salmon.

    Is that bad?

  15. I say the mushroom and lentil burger recipe!

  16. I think the Red Lentils for 1 recipes sounded amazing!

  17. Tricia Kuchler

    Lentils & Eggplant!

  18. Gotta vote for your lentils with zukes & mint. SO original and FRESH! perfect summer dish!

  19. Carolyn.

    Burgers most definitely!

  20. Definitely Lentils with Zucchini & Mint!

  21. Christin L.

    Lentils and eggplant!!!!

  22. Ian

    Red lentils for one…hands down!

  23. Mushroom Lentil Burgers, without a doubt. I just love things that *feel* naughty but are really virtuous!

  24. K

    The mushroom-lentil burgers are fantastic!!!! I made them for dinner last night and they were gobbled up in no time flat. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  25. Robin

    Lentils and eggplant! Yum!

  26. Jennifer

    Definately Recipe #2! I love burgers! you can have them so many different ways!

  27. Michelle

    The rustic lentil salad definitely!!!

  28. Lentils with zucchini! Totally unique..

  29. Mushroom lentil burgers are definitely my vote!!

  30. shorty

    The burgers are my vote!

  31. Dadri

    I like the Rustic Lentil Salad. The feta is perfect.

  32. Lentils and Eggplant for sure!!!

  33. Amanda

    Definitely the lentil and mushroom burgers!!!

  34. I think the burgers or Eggplant dish sounds amazing! I would try making a lentil/bulgar,quinoa/couscous pilaf or lentil risotto with them! Or a dip soup…. I think my favorite recipe of yours is the Eggplant! Good luck! I hope you win!!!!!!

  35. Laura

    The rustic lentil salad is on my list of recipes to try! Looks delicious.

  36. I vote for the lentil and mushroom burger- it combines two of my favorite ingredients.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    nupur.kittur AT gmail DOT com

  37. Cassie

    The mushroom lentil burgers sound so yummy!


  38. I would definitely vote for Recipe #5: Red Lentils for 1. That looks amazing! Yum!


  39. Just posted this contest on Facebook and tagged RhodeyGirlTests.


  40. Liza

    I’m thinking the mushroom lentil burgers sound the best for the contest.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  41. Deborah Anderson

    My fave is Mushroom Lentil Burgers

  42. Kathryn

    The red lentils for 1 sound delicious!

  43. Stephanie

    Recipe #3: Lentils with Zucchini & Mint MMMM!!!

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