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  1. i love bolognese sauce…but i’ve always made it with carrots and celery! good to know that traditionally it doesn’t have those…i’m making yours immediately 🙂

  2. Love this recipe. I think it will quickly become one of my favorite comfort foods.

  3. I love this- simple and elegant- I just bookmarked it to make it for my fiance*

  4. yum, i like the idea of mixing the 2 different levels of ground beef

  5. book marked! I would love to make this for Josh’s family

  6. Bolognese sauce was not something my family made, I guess it’s a regional difference. But Mark’s mom makes it and it’s genuinely one thing I miss about not eating meat. I would just eat her sauce with no macaronic.

  7. Bolobnese was a Sunday dinner staple at my grandmother’s house. She used carrots, but it was the perfect amount. I really need to dig out her recipe cards. If only I could read them haha!

  8. *bolognese. Sorry it’s early and I’m only two sips into my coffee 🙂

  9. I love Bolognese sauce. We only had it when my mother made her lasagna from scratch. I hope to have that extra time on my hands to make things like she does.

  10. Michelle

    When you say 1 large can do you mean the 28oz. size can of San Marazano, or a bigger can? Is bolognese sauce traditionally saucy or will it be more of a meaty consistency?/

  11. Michelle

    Thanks!!! Definitely looking forward to trying thid recipe out!!!

  12. Michelle

    I mean this recipe!!

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