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  1. If you ever wanted to kick it up just a notch (totally unnecessary as it’s fantastic on its own)….add some Kahlua to the cake or brownie pan before cutting into cubes. Silly good.

  2. That just LOOKS amazing! I love to have recipes like this book marked because we all get invited to last minute events where we need to bring a dish!

    Thank you again for all the congrats 🙂

  3. I was waiting for you to post this! I love how simple it is!

  4. My mom used to make this sort of trifle all the time…and yes, it’s completely irresistable, cake mix and all!
    cathy b.

  5. i love the combination of chocolate and strawberries! and trifles are such a great thing to bring to a dinner party, people are very impressed by them. i made a gingerbread pumpkin one a few months back that was a big hit! thanks for sharing:)

  6. This is EXACTLY what I need right now….delicious!

  7. I have made this delicious bowl of goodness before {minus the strawberries} And it does make for a great party dessert, everyone seems to love it. Next time I’ll try the strawberries!

  8. I never use my trifle bowl, and this is a great excuse. I can’t deal with the taste of Cool Whip though; I wonder if homemade whipped cream would hold up.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Meghan@travelwinedine, Cool Whip!!!!! I used to hate cool whip until college, but now I like it in weird desserts. I think whipped cream would be lovely but I’d probably use a lot less since it is so heavy. I’d also serve it right away, but maybe that’s just my own problem.

      Seems like when I make whipped cream I have to use it right away or it kind of deflates. Am I not whipping it long enough?

  9. my mom used to make this when i was a kid! we called it “death by chocolate” and honestly? it was such a treat, we’d ask for it on birthdays and christmas. soooooo good.

  10. Jen

    I make it with Kahlua too, but for a girls night I used godiva caramel liqueur and I drizzle it on the cake, and the used the heath bar candies. I hate cool whip and always make mine with fresh cream and it works fine. I love that you can use any cake,pudding, candies, fruit and liqueur. Everyone at the party was in love with it. My aunt always made it for christmas and my girl scout leader would make one for us without liqueur of course and set up a candy bar and let us put our own candies on ours.

  11. Biz

    That looks like a dish someone brought to our office Christmas pot luck – and I immediately deemed it insulin worthy!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Oh wow, that does look like the best trifle!

  13. Cake and pudding and cool whip? Yes,this DOES sound like the best trifle ever! I love how elegant it looks with the strawberries on top, too!

  14. That looks amazingly simple and fabulous! 🙂

  15. I wish I would have registered for a trifle dish! It makes desserts look so much better.

  16. Lisa Maldonado

    I finally bought a trifle bowl and can’t wait to try this recipe out ! It’s going to be a dessert at my daughters grad party this weekend…wish me luck !

  17. Judy

    You can buy an Anchor Hawking trifle bowl at meijer.com. It is fabulous! Very inexpensive, too. Around $11, shipping and all included. Just be sure to ask them to pack it really well for shipping. My first order (order of 2 bowls) came in a million pieces. Yes, I did get a refund. I had to re-order and they came in whole an beautiful! Good luck.

  18. rhonda

    You can pick up a decent size trifle dish at Wal-Mart also, for less than $10. I am making this dish tomorrow night for my office xmas potluck on Thurs. Wish me luck as I am a little worried it will deflate if refrigerated overnight. Any advice?

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