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  1. Lorie

    As a beginner, I feel confident that I can make this – I’ll definitely try this recipe! Just for the record, I follow the same rule with mushrooms- you shouldn’t wash them because they just absorb all the water! I wet the mushroom brush and then brush them!
    You’re not nuts 🙂

  2. Amy O

    You’re definitely right about the mushrooms! I watched Ina Garten on Food Network last week and in her “Ask Ina” section, she said never to wash mushrooms because they soak up all the water and get mushy.

    Love the recipe! Will have to try it.

  3. I saw Giadas recipe for these and I’ve been wanting to make them ever since! And I’m right with you on the baby bellas!
    cathy b.

  4. You are toally right on now washing the mushrooms in the sink. Most cooks on the Food Network tell you to take a paper towel and clean the mushrooms one by one to remove the dirt. I usually clean them the paper towel way, but every now and again when I’m lazy and adding the mushrooms into a sauce I just rinse them under the sink.

  5. I’ve definitely heard that you shouldn’t clean mushrooms under running water. I usually just wipe them with a wet paper towel.

    I actually made Giada’s recipe this weekend, and everyone loved them. I agree with you, these mushrooms are a great starter.

  6. I just rinse my mushrooms in a colander in the sink and then dry them with paper towels before using them, fast and simple!

    I love stuffed mushrooms, they are so easy and such a crowd pleaser. I too prefer to use baby bella’s – I find they have more flavour.
    – Brittany

  7. Upon seeing the picture- I thought the stuffed mushrooms were the chocolate covered thing on the top tier. And thought: “Huh. That could work I guess.”


  8. Stephanie

    I was always taught to wash them with a damp paper towel too. One day, I was being lazy and decided to rinse them = slimy yucky mushrooms.

  9. You’re not crazy – I heard a damp paper towel is best too!

  10. I have heard the same thing about mushrooms. You are not crazy. I love stuffed mushrooms so much. I have a similar recipe but I add a can of minced clams to the filling. They are similar to the ones at Olive Garden. Thanks for the recipe! I may have to make a batch of these soon!

  11. i’ve heard that, but then i watched alton brown’s myth busters episode where he proved it to be not true! at least with the button variety, they don’t take up much water at all, so feel free to wash them under the sink 🙂

  12. You are definitely right about washing the mushrooms!

  13. Liz @ Blog is the New Black

    Love stuffed mushrooms- yours look great!

  14. you’re totally right! you definitely don’t wet your mushrooms, makes them tough, i always just wipe them with a semi-damp paper towel. btw, i’ve made this recipe before and added turkey sausage and it was divinity.

  15. Damp paper towels!! Always! You’re not crazy!

  16. Cat

    Not crazy! I always clean mushrooms with a damp paper towel!

  17. Michelle

    I actually heard this on Rachael ray’s cooking show, to brush them off, not to wash them. I will admit that I am too darn lazy to brush them off, so I always rinse them!

  18. Jen

    I am a mushroom hater myself. My mom rinsed them a few days ago and I yelled at her. I took cul arts in high school and you are right. mushrooms are like sponges and will soak up the water and thats why your not suppose to wet or rinse them. So a towel or a brush work fine. My mother should know better as my nana’s family would go wild mushroom hunting, it’s what they do in italy.

  19. You are totally right! Rinsing mushrooms makes them soggy and gross! All the people on Food Network just wipe them off, and they have to be right!

  20. I do the paper towel trick too – take a wet paper towel and put the mushrooms on top of that, and then pat them a little bit to take the grit off. I don’t usually eat them a lot so I guess I haven’t really thought about it. This sounds delicious though and I happen to have a carton in my fridge!

  21. Yeah you’re right, I’m actually not a big mushroom fan (love the flavor, hate the texture so no stuffed shrooms for me) BUT I did take a knife skills class back in Nov and the instructor (former chef) had a brush he used to clean mushrooms and also said not to wash them with water.

  22. True story! Don’t wash your mushrooms in the sink!!

  23. A few years ago I read an article in New Scientist which was an interview with Harold McGee. He answered such questions as does washing mushrooms make them soggy (it doesn’t) and does searing steak seal in the juices (it doesn’t). But I think your method works, too, so who cares?!

  24. Samuelson

    No water near my mushrooms! I don’t even dampen the papertowel- just lightly brush off the dirt.

    I made this recipe for Thanksgiving, big hit, except the one on the Food Network website listed mint. Sounds strange but it really compliments the parm regg, and once it’s baked it doesnt taste “minty.” The reviews on Food Network said they could be a little dry so I also chopped up the stems and sauteed them in a little butter and splash of white wine, just to coat them and added that to the mix. The mushrooms were the perfect texture and simply amazing!!!

  25. Cheri D

    I’m going to try this recipe to take to a dinner party this evening. I’ve made similar recipes but I’m in Florida for a month and my recipe book is back home…so here I am! I use a brush to clean my mushrooms and use a bit of water, quickly drying with a paper towel. I wonder, how else can you remove the residue of the dirt (poo) mushrooms grow in? The part about baking in the oven with 1/2 inch of water in the pan seems to make whether you clean them in water or not redundant! I’ve never used water in the pan!

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