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  1. My biggest tip is the crockpot. I work full time plus volunteer work and our oldest is very involved in sports, so dinner can get late especially with homework. So I use the crockpot a lot. Right now I have 2 chicken breasts, some roasted tomatoes, and cannelini beans cooking in there. Then tonite I will mix some parsely, whole wheat pasta and cheese with it after I shred the chicken and we have a yummy dinner with almost no work when I get home from the office and a baseball game. I usually make enough leftovers for dinner that then become lunch for my husband and I.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Heather, That sounds delicious. Do you have an actual recipe for that anywhere? I am a crock pot novice but I’m sure with a newborn I will want to use it more.

  2. Kristen

    Great tips Sabrina! I have a really bad habit of planning five seperate meals for the week because I don’t usually like leftovers! I like the way you use them to create a new dish! My biggest tip is to plan when you are cleaning up dinner for the next nights dinner. Does meat need to be thawed? Are there veggies I can cut up now while a have a few minutes? etc. It’s so true that if you wait til dinner to think about dinner it usually ends with dinner out! At least it does for me! ūüôā

  3. I’ve had such a hard time meal planning now that I am pregnant! It use to be easy, but now that I have a ‘fickle appetite’ its hard for me to plan ahead, but I am trying! I enjoyed reading your tips and I agree, the #1 thing is to plan, plan, plan! I’m excited to pull my crockpot back out for some fall soups and hearty dishes as well!!

  4. Erica

    I love your meal plans. One thing I have always been scared to try is leftover salmon, do you reheat it or use it cold? Thanks for this helpful and inspiring post!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Erica, I reuse it cold in a salad usually. We will only eat it one day after because I get scared of using leftover fish too. I know my aunt reheats it the next night though and it is always good.

  5. This is pretty much the exact plan I follow from week to week. Since I’m usually only cooking for me, I make sure to freeze leftovers (like a pot of chili or soup) so that I can pull them out in a pinch (it also helps me avoid eating the same. exact. thing all. week. long)!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Hillary, Good call. I will pass that on to my friend. When I was cooking for myself only I often ate the same thing for 3 days because I was lazy. I should have been freezing portions!

  6. jen

    love the crockpot, right now I have minestrone soup in the crock and plan on adding left over grilled chicken from last night to it. plus I have a herb and cheese bread in the bread machine, there my two favs for an easy dinner.

  7. Dadri

    Wow, this post is SAVED on my computer. Rhodeygirl you are amazing. Thank you for making my first week of “living together” much easier. I was so stressed about feeding my man, making it to the gym, getting work done, but I like your ideas, especially about prepping the meal and making a schedule.

    Thanks so much xo

  8. I love this post — great tips! I need to be better with meal/dinner planning. My excuse is always the same thing, it’s 7:30, I don’t want to cook, and I need to be in bed by like, 9:00 (wow) lol…

  9. This is great advice! I am not a great cook and have a hard time going to the grocery and picking things out to make a meal…I always seem to come home with a random assortment of stuff. This post really helps me to think about cooking/meal planning in a more organized way.

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