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  1. Beth T.

    Great job Sabrina! I’m doing Focus T25 right now and I absolutely love it. It is much better for someone who is busy and doesn’t have time for the longer workouts of Insanity. Hope you love it too.

  2. Christine

    You’re such an inspiration! I look forward to reading your review of T25. From reading about it online, it sounds like something I’d like to try but I want to hear your take on it first.

  3. You look fantastic, Sabrina! I’ve thought about trying Insanity for a while, just to switch things up. Maybe I’ll finally go for it!

  4. Sarah

    Congrats, you look great! I am just now starting to work on eating healthier and exercising to lose baby weight, my son is a little over 2 months old 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Meggie

    Well done mama! You look fabulous. I just started T25 after doing Insanity and I love it. Its perfect for mama’s with busy schedules. Can’t wait to hear what you think about it!

  6. Briana

    Wow! You look amazing! And I’m even more impressed with your tenacity. I can’t imagine juggling 2 kids and still finding time to do it. You’re going to be my inspiration. One question – did quickly losing weight seem to affect milk supply at all? That’s always my fear.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      Thanks! I’ve been really careful with my milk supply since I had issues every time I dieted after having Raffi. I think three things have helped:

      1. I started eating this way basically right after delivery, so my supply was developed while on a lower calorie diet.

      2. I make every single calorie count. I don’t consume any junk because I can’t afford to – my body needs as many nutrients as it can get. I consider my peanut butter to be junk (it contains sugar), but I need the fat so I compromise on that.

      3. I am constantly evaluating my diet and supply to make sure that one does not affect the other. I slowly dropped my calories over time and since my supply hasn’t been affected by it I keep going. I will say though that I”m eating a significant amount – between 2,000 and 2,200 cals a day. I just recently dropped it to 1,800-2,000 last week, but my supply is still fine.

  7. Caroline

    This is great!! You are a healthy, fit, beautiful woman, and don’t ever take that for granted, even if you have an extra pound here or there!! 🙂

  8. Great job Sabrina! You did an awesome job sticking to the workouts and great eating!!!

  9. Areej

    Hats off to you Sabrina! You look great.

  10. Charuta

    Awesome! Your last pic shows such a positive transformation, you are all lean, healthy smiling standing tall 🙂 Way to go! Best luck with T25. Could I do without doing Insanity first? I can find 25 min but not 60 min right now.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      Thanks! I feel that T25 is a much easier workout than Insanity simply because of the time factor. I would have done it first had it been out after I had the baby, but it just came out last month. Enjoy!

  11. Long time reader, first time commenter :-). Just wanted to say you look great! Congratulations on your results!

  12. Tricia

    You look AMAZING! Love it 🙂

  13. Claire

    Wow you look incredible! That is some serious motivation for me to finally give Insanity a shot. Congratulations!

  14. I’ve read your blog on and off for a few years now. You look great! It took me a full year and then some to lose weight after my first baby. If I ever do this whole crazy thing again, I promised myself to be serious right from the start.

    You should be so proud of yourself! Looking forward to your T25 updates- I’m about to start Insanity 🙂

  15. WAY TO GO!!!! You are doing awesome. Love that you are setting realistic goals and being HEALTHY above all. Go you mama!!!

  16. Irina

    thank you for the honest account of Insanity after having a baby! My girls are 19 mo apart and I think i will look into T25, as I just could not figure out how I can fit 60 min workout into the toddler and newborn schedules. Good luck with you weight loss and getting in better shape, although you look in great shape now! I will have to be honest, I was a little wary of your dieting while BF-ing but you made it work and I am so happy that you shared your journey!

    • Thanks. Congrats on your newborn! To be honest I was a little wary of my dieting while breastfeeding too. I’ve been really careful and knew from the beginning that I might have to stop dieting at any time. I feel really lucky that so far I’ve been ok. I hope I continue to be able to diet without it affecting anything!

  17. Liege Frank

    I’m very excited about this program. I never heard about it until you mentioned it.
    I can’t wait for you to review it.

    Good luck

  18. Kate

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