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  1. i’ve never actually tried panettone but have always wanted to. this sounds SO good and so simple!

  2. I love panettone. Actually, pandoro is my favorite without all the dried fruit but I’ll happily eat both 🙂 It’s nice to see a post on it because I think so few people even know what it is! It’s always breakfast on Christmas morning for us. Best breakfast of the year!

  3. I LOVE panettone! They sell it year-round now at Shop Rite, but I save the specialness for Christmastime. 🙂 So yummy.

  4. Ellen

    Use refined coconut oil in you “chocolate shell”, it hardens at about 76 degrees and doesn’t have a coconut flavor.

  5. Ahhh you’ve sold me even more now! Did you try the coconut oil shell I sent you? That usually always works for me!

  6. Duncan Hines makes a chocolate glaze in a bottle that you just microwave and pour. It doesn’t get hard like magic shell, but it does set pretty well and it doesn’t taste fake like store bought frostings usually do.
    There’s also a Polish version of the same thing, which tastes even better, so if you have a Polish deli nearby you could check it out.

  7. This sounds super yummy and easy! I will try it – but with Trader Joe’s Panettone probably!

  8. I actually really love pannetone and would eat it plain. This sounds simply decadent!

  9. Jill

    Heaven help me but I am going to try to make small homemade ones to give out as gifts (with homemade limoncello) this year – with a 4 month old. . . yes I think I may be a touch insane.

  10. This sounds so yummy and even simple enough for a 39 week preggo to make.

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